Get your life back on track with Pilates.

Find out for yourself why Pilates is a life changing experience.

*COVID-19 compliant boutique studio location in Gracia/San Gervasi, with the full range of Classical Pilates equipment.

It really works

Pilates is a lifestyle. If treated accordingly, it brings wellbeing, balance and a positive mindset to all its practitioners. Aches and pains come about when the body is out of balance, either through bad posture, injury or pathology. Through hard work and determination, you can restore harmony between mind and matter. It requires 80% perspiration and 20% dedication, but it really works!


The kind of attitude that bridges together your Mens sana and corpore sano


Changes in mobility and healing guidance through movement


Strengthen the core muscles that support your spin

What can Katie teach you?


Choose the plan that works best for you


Single session
  • Private Pilates Class
  • In Studio
  • Full range of Pilates equipment

4 Session Pack

4 sessions
220 55€ / session
  • Private Pilates Class
  • In Studio
  • Full range of equipment

10 Session Journey

10 sessions
550 55€ / session
  • Private Pilates Class
  • In Studio
  • Full range of equipment

What our clients say

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I was told to do Pilates by my doctor, I have a hernia in my neck and had a lot of pain. Through Pilates I've felt better and even started running and cycling again, something I'd stopped doing.
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What a lifesaver! As I have recently starting working from home (aka: the kitchen bench 😔) my body had started to develop some new aches and pains along with the dreaded hunched shoulders that come with hovering over a laptop for hours. Katie's Pilates classes have really helped me stretch and strengthen my body. My posture is straighter, my neck no longer aches and my lower back feels stronger.

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