• Back hurt after HIIT class?


  • Want to get into a routine to build (or rebuild!) strength without the literal pain in the backside.


  • Sitting down all day doing your back in?


Then check out..

Pilates Core Master Class

A one hour live online Pilates master class to build a strong foundation and reduce back discomfort after workouts or from all day on Zoom meetings.


Saturday 31st July 9.30am BST / 10.30am CEST

Hands up if you’ve done an online workout over the last year? 


Who hasn’t? It was our only option. 😉


Even I found myself taking an online HIIT class were somewhere around the 26th burpee (but who was counting?!) my form was off and I was just throwing my body around as the clock counted down. 


Spoiler alert. My back paid for it later.


Clients come to me with the same story. They have back pain from exercise. Should working out be this painful?


So what’s going on?


Many of us, even if we are active, lack a strong foundation to support our joints during exercise. That foundation starts with your abdominals, glutes and hips and while there’s nothing wrong with challenging classes – those videos are fun and help with other aspects of fitness, such as cardio, foundations aren’t developed through high intensity exercise or burpees.


You have to get really focused.


Enter The Total Core Makeover Master Class.


It’ll help you slow down just enough to isolate and strengthen those deep muscles, find good alignment to support your joints and give you confidence to move through life – be it easing back into exercise, or taking that sweaty, hard fitness class.

This class is for you if you:


  • Want get more out of your  workouts


  • Want to understand what core strength and how to improve it


  • Want to reduce back aches from sitting at a desk all day.


  • Want personalised attention in a small group where you can get all your questions answered

What will you get out of this Master Class?


We’ll go through simple exercises to strengthen your core with an emphasis on technique. It’s a live class, so I can guide you and give you feedback and answer questions.


I only take a small number of people to make sure I can give you personalised attention and make sure you’re getting technique down.


This is for all levels, anyone interested in strengthening their core, understanding good form while exercising and connecting and listening to your body.


A one off class won’t fix your problems but you’ll come away with more awareness of technique and posture and a set of exercises you can take away and practise at home.


Space is limited, so nab your spot before it’s gone!

About me

Hi I’m Katie! I’m a Pilates Teacher experienced in helping people build strength, flexibility and confidence.


I spent 12 years in the corporate world so I know the toll it can take on your mind and body.



When I started Pilates classes, each week I’d turn up with my hunched over tech posture and lack of energy but leave walking taller and feeling better!



Now I’ve made it my job to share Pilates and help everyone feel the same.

What my clients say

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I was told to do Pilates by my doctor, I have a hernia in my neck and had a lot of pain. Through Pilates I've felt better and even started running and cycling again, something I'd stopped doing.
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What a lifesaver! As I have recently starting working from home (aka: the kitchen bench 😔) my body had started to develop some new aches and pains along with the dreaded hunched shoulders that come with hovering over a laptop for hours. Katie's Pilates classes have really helped me stretch and strengthen my body. My posture is straighter, my neck no longer aches and my lower back feels stronger.
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My partner and I are really enjoying Katie’s classes. Her descriptions are really easy to follow, she gives different options for different ability levels & is great at giving encouragement/corrections. It’s also great fun & nice to meet some people virtually in this strange time!!
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Katie's a natural when it comes to teaching. She explains all the postures and moves with patience and personally, I love her analogies! It really helps me understand how a certain move should feel or how my body be positioned. Pilates is an amazing practice for the body and the mind and Katie knows how to combine exercises that make you fit and relaxed.
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Katie is great instructor. She really makes you understand each movement and feel your body as you go through the exercise. Making the workout that much effective! Highly recommended!
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I love my pilates sessions with Katie! Pilates is great exercise and Katie makes it fun and interesting every time, adapting to my special needs and challenging me to go a little further whenever I can.
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Katie is a fantastic instructor! Her approach to teaching pilates and describing each pose really helps you ensure that you are achieving the proper alignment while getting the most out of your workout. I highly recommend Katie Timms Pilates!

Where to find me


The Pilates Studio Barcelona
Plaza Gal.la Palcidia 



Barcelona or Online

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