My Story

Hello, I’m Katie.


After 10 years in the corporate world I know the toll that long hours at a desk can take on the body.  Tense neck and shoulders, lower back pain, lack of energy.

On top of that I was recovering from a shoulder injury and, after completing physiotherapy, needed a plan that took that into account.

I started individual Pilates classes and quickly saw the benefit; Not only was I getting stronger, but I felt more connected to my body.  My posture started to improve, people even commented that I held myself differently.  

I really enjoyed the classes as well. It didn’t feel like traditional exercise with lots of reps, or pounding a treadmill.  Every week seemed different, with challenges that made me have to think about what I was doing.  To top it all off, I felt better and experienced less pain.

I got more and more interested to the method behind the exercise and eventually embarked on the path to become a Pilates Teacher.